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Written by sambo chhour   
Thursday, 17 November 2016 01:40

Team LaBobo comprises of 11 members from various divisions of Sydney Water who wanted to create a ripple effect in changing the lives of Cambodian people by improving hygiene practices. Team members were involved in tasks across all areas of the hygiene challenge, however specific roles were assigned within the team to provide structure and accountability to achieve our project milestones.

The team has individuals from many backgrounds and skillsets who provided their interest and commitment to the team at our initial meeting and we continued to monitor and share our learning journey throughout the challenge. Each member thrived and benefited from this experience and the team acknowledged individuals for their contribution towards our end goal.

We are satisfied that as a team we have had a sustained impact beyond ourselves to inspire our organization – Sydney Water and our community to leave a broader legacy of awareness and support for Water Aid.

The Water Innovators challenge provided us with a learning curve that was different to other work related projects. Members of the team participated in this challenge not only to gain and enhance their work related skills, but also to learn and understand more about Cambodia and its people.

Team members wanted to make a difference by contributing towards solving a real problem. We captured our journey through this video:

Our video captures each team member’s key motivation for being involved in the project and what they learnt from this journey. It also includes activities we undertook throughout the project to meet our overall project goals.

We asked each team member to express in a word or two, their thoughts and feelings about the being involved in this journey.

Contact: Steven by Email:

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Mobile: 0401734333

Interveiw with KC Radio:

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